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Arthur Dent; Ford Prefect, Trillian, Zaphod Beeblebrox, Marvin (temporarily)​ The gun is a golden coloured weapon, about the size of a rifle.​ Using the gun on Zaphod and seeing his lack of remorse at his actions resulted in Trillian realising how much she loved Arthur Dent.
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So let me start with a question that seems foundational to everything else.

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How can we put policies in place that are likely to address the issue head-on, without curtailing liberties for no proven reason, unless we know how policy actually affects gun violence? We know very little about gun theft or gun training, about gun storage or gun shop practices, about the effect of guns on college campuses or guns at work. The list goes on and on.

Much of this is due to the legacy of the Dickey Amendment, which banned the CDC from using research money to advocate for gun control. But this major challenge remains. As we advocate for more aggressive gun control measures, we must bring to the conversation a humility about our ability to predict the effectiveness of those measures.

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And we must also allow room for the concerns of those on the other side of the conversation, regarding the potential overstep of gun control measures where the gains in safety may not be in proportion to the curtailment of liberty. Or, one might suggest that each is equal, and that life without liberty is no life at all. It seems as though in this particular debate the blues take the former approach, while the reds take the latter. I think it would be helpful for blues to recognize that reds see threats to liberty as just as serious as we—and likely they—see threats to life.

With a more honest and open approach, we may find that the two sides are closer than they imagine, and we may finally see some movement on an issue that has become one of the most pressing of our time. But with the rancor and divisiveness that has been on display in recent years, polarization may have reached its worst level in the United States since the Civil War. I lean conservative, though I have no personal skin in the game when it comes to guns.

I also know that statistically any gun I own is more likely to lead to an accident than to an incident of self-defense. Still, I understand why most of my conservative and some of my liberal friends own guns. Thanks, Justin. I definitely felt like I missed out on calling for putting a lot more money towards gun violence research.

Entire books have been written on this topic so I will in any way attempt to give a comprehensive comment on the article by Randy Lioz except to say that the proposed theory that we need more analytical data to determine the effect of gun control on gun violence is not likely to, in my opinion, create any sensible middle-ground amongst adherents on either side of this divide.

Should More Gun Control Laws Be Enacted?

Part of the challenge is that complex problems may be roughly categorized into problems that have convergent solutions or divergent solutions. In a convergent solution model, the problem can be broken down into many small unique parts and ultimately assembled into a single workable answer.

The classic example of this is the Apollo program that put a human on the moon and brought him back safely. Extraordinarily challenging and devilishly complex, nonetheless it could be broken down into a series of problems and as each was solved could be assembled into a solution.

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Divergent problems, on the other hand, veer off wildly at the very philosophical core and no amount of research and data brings these positions back together. There are clearly very different approaches to this challenge and advocates of different models can all create data that seems to validate their approach and yet that data is unlikely to be persuasive to someone invested in a different model.

This is the difficulty of using data and information to try to influence the gun control debate. To Second Amendment supporters, this data will, I suggest, have little effect. At the divergent core of the gun control issue is the Second Amendment and the function and role of those 27 words. It is my belief and understanding that when the Founders authored this Amendments they did not contemplate the need of the Second Amendment based on hunting rights, protection from criminals, target shooting, sport or any other variety of activities where firearms are used.

Most Second Amendment adherents I know are good people, true and sincere, and have genuine deep sympathy and compassion for victims of gun violence. They desire little more than a quiet and safe society where individuals are free to exercise their rights unmolested from any undue influence. And yet, they fear the overwhelming power of the sovereign government in sole possession of firearms as a greater threat to the longevity of the nationstate than the deranged acts, no matter how horrific or heinous, of an isolated few.

In my participation in Better Angels I was recently a panelist in the online debate I was thoroughly impressed with the intelligence, thoughtfulness and clarity with which participants from red and blue perspectives spoke and the willingness to sincerely strive to understand alternative points of view. It is refreshing to see someone raise the liberty interests guaranteed the Constitution generally, and in the Second Amendment in particular, as the starting point to a good discussion of gun violence. That said, in the 21st century, there has to be a better way to protect the guarantees of liberty in the First Amendment than by recognizing an absolute right to arm ourselves against our government.

Thank you Randy and David for sharing your knowledge on this issue. I know we can not keep guns out of the hands of every unlawful violent person. I read as many books as l can find on self defense and what it is like to be in a self defense situation yet I do not know what I will do if I am involved in one. My only solution is to keep training and reading and hope I never find out what it is like to be in a situation where I have to use my gun. This world should not be a place where we have to worry about protecting ourselves, yet it is for me.

I hope we can all find peace in our own way. Being able to offer our comments helps us find peace and I hope we can keep it up. I really appreciate the tone and thoughtfulness of the discussion here! These comments have definitely made me think more about some of the intents expressed, not just in the second amendment, but in the rest of our founding documents. Your analysis holds up for guns. But, on other issues, the advocates of life and liberty are flipped. For example the great flip in the s where Dems became the party of civil rights, which had always been a Republican issue.

People make the arguments which suite their biases and reinforce the tribe. I have been thinking about your suggestion that our answers are a reflection of our tribe rather than reason or logic. I think that answer is too simplistic, at least on the national level. To use reason or logic against a party stance is to risk being excluded, and not having any power to act.

I see that attitude having filtered down into the general populace. Better Angels reflects this kind of either-or thinking. The purpose of Better Angels is to get reds and blues to listen to each other. Its purpose is not to apply reason and logic to complex social and governmental issues to arrive at a unified rational solution. Lioz does not mention the fact that the states with the most lax gun laws have the highest rates of gun deaths; that most gun crimes in Chicago often touted as an example of the failure of strict gun laws are committed with guns from other states where gun laws are lax; and that the USA — with its enormously higher per capita ownership of guns than any other developed country — has a correspondingly higher rate of gun injuries and deaths than any other developed country.

I believe there is a lot of evidence that more guns create more gun deaths, evidence which he chooses to ignore in the interest of not offending reds. I appreciate your thoughtful commentary but would like to suggest two alternative lines of thought, adjunct to your observations. The first is that while you correctly point out that many of the gun related homicides in Chicago come from firearms purchased outside of the city of Chicago or even the state of Illinois, the recently released Trace Report also shows that Chicago has an extraordinarily high volume of illegal gun transactions, demonstrating that the supply of these weapons did not typically come from criminal elements who traveled across state borders to legally purchase a firearm returning to Chicago to commit homicide, but were from purchases that were illegal for which further restrictions on legitimate buyers would have little effect.

Not in it: a proposal to raise the age limit on buying certain assault rifles from 18 to The president is renewing his support for arming teachers and other school employees as well.

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The White House will also create a federal task force to be led by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos that will examine possible solutions for improving safety in schools — but the commission has no deadline for its findings. President Trump in a meeting with lawmakers less than two weeks ago expressed openness to a lot of gun control measures that had Democrats cheering — while remaining rightly skeptical of his declarations.

He expressed openness to raising the age for buying certain assault rifles to 21, supported a background check proposal from Sens. Dianne Feinstein D-CA.

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He said law enforcement should take firearms from individuals deemed dangerous and then go to court. But that Trump appears to have left the building. The Justice Department on Saturday also formally submitted a rule to ban bump stocks, devices that can turn high-capacity rifles into automatic weapons. The rule would take months to implement if implemented at all, as there is debate as to whether the president can act on that front without Congress. Very strong improvement and strengthening of background checks will be fully backed by White House.

Legislation moving forward. Bump Stocks will soon be out. Highly trained expert teachers will be allowed to conceal carry, subject to State Law. Armed guards OK, deterrent! On 18 to 21 Age Limits, watching court cases and rulings before acting. States are making this decision. Things are moving rapidly on this, but not much political support to put it mildly.

Of avoiding changing the gun purchase age limit, Trump said he is watching court cases and rulings before acting. The National Rifle Association on Friday sued to block part of a Florida gun law that would raise the age limit to buy firearms to 21 just hours after the legislation was signed. A separate SurveyMonkey poll found that three-quarters of Americans across all age groups support setting a minimum age of 21 to buy an AR style rifle.

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Administration officials on Sunday said that the Justice Department will provide assistance to states to help partner with state and local law enforcement to provide firearms training with school personnel. The proposal propels the narrative that a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun — a narrative that is probably wrong. The problem in the US is that there are so many guns in circulation, which makes it easier for conflict to escalate to gun violence.