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Born in in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Graduated Toyo University to work at Kokusho Kankokai, famous in Japan as the publisher of Lovecraft and many other works of horror and fantasy. He continues to be active in a wide range of activities, including writing extensively in the weird historical and horror genres. While remaining extremely interested in the Cthulhu Mythos, lately he has been concentrating on weird historicals set in the Muromachi period In was a candidate for the annual award of the Mystery Writers of Japan, Inc.

He has also made considerable contribution to Japanese fiction as an anthologist, proposing a number of collections successfully published in Japan. Pierre V. Comtois is a newspaper reporter writing from Lowell, MA who has been editing and publishing Fungi, the Magazine of Fantasy and Weird Fiction intermittently since Two earlier volumes, Marvel Comics in the s and s , appeared in and He also authored The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Movies , several score novels, hundreds of short stories, and thousands of non-fiction pieces.

I discovered that, despite the evidence, he'd been legally declared dead almost thirty years ago and so the old book and the collection of notes I found had, in the eyes of the law, been mine all this time. My father's instructions were to burn the documents, raise no further questions, but that was his error.

No man's immune to the shameful trappings of curiosity and my humanity got the better of me. The University I taught at was world renowned for two things: physics and linguistics. I represented the first and the man who stood for the second was stumped by my recent acquisition. The book was indecipherable. The notes, however, showed a location somewhere in uninhabited northern Greenland. It took me almost a year to book the last flight I would ever take.

As I watched civilization disappear along with Heathrow, I realized my father disappeared three decades ago, almost to the day. And I considered in turn what it was that I was leaving behind. We landed on a strip of ice a few feet wide, and within minutes I was pulling away on a chartered boat, beginning the twelve hour journey that would lead me into my past. Without this knowledge, without this foundation, you could not have the will to do what I must now ask of you. I followed my father to the Greenland wastes to uncover his secrets. You had to know how far I was willing to go.

I found a disused mining shaft, and took shelter from the storm. You had to know how desperate I was.

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I was plagued by doubts, fears, and mysteries and aided by a madman Red. Lately, I've been in the mood for some romance. I love the slow and sexy build of the couple's relationship and how for the majority of the series they didn't trust each other, and fought all the time. However, they always had each other's back. I love how you never knew if they were going to kill or kiss each other. I haven't been able to find anything like this.

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I read all genres, so I'll take any recommendations you've got! Until listening to different book riot podcasts and reading this site I was prejudiced against romance novels. When I was in middle school and starting to explore adult literature, I was also curious about sex and found some romance books to read. My thirteen year old self however just picked whatever free ebook I could find so my parents wouldn't know what I was reading.

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Consequently I read some pretty bad novels, and have since considered romance "lesser literature" yes yes I'm a bad person- but I'm trying to rectify the situation! Also as I've gotten older I've found I find it harder and harder for a writer to convince me a romance is real, and I also enjoy a healthy dose of plot unrelated to romance.

I fall on the snooty side of reading classics and literary fiction, but I want to expand my horizons. I love historical fiction so if you know of any good romance set it in the past that is a plus. But really I just want to know what you think are some good romance reads for beginners that will get me interested in the genre. Yes I'm a cliche. HelloI thought I was done with Romance novels, not in real life, of course , but then I listened to your Podcast all about romance, decided to try a few you recommended and guess what? I am in love with Romance novels again!

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But--there are so many to choose from and I've been away from the genre for so long, I am hoping you can recommend some new ones for me. I am open to pretty much anything, but if you know of something kind of "Southern" and a bit more "intense" than some, that would be great.

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I'm also not adverse to same sex love stories --I read "Think of England" from your rec and loved it. Loved them, just looking for a little bit more intense sex and story. Can you help me? Thanks so much. After years of reading exclusively literary fiction or non-fiction, I stumbled upon the Romance genre and am finding it very interesting and, often, a lot of fun. I'd love to share this experience Any recommendations for a book within the romance genre that would make a good book club pick? Bonus if there is a reading guide available! I love historical fiction, murder mysteries, contemporary fiction, and non fiction as long as it reads like a novel.

No issues with triggers. I really want to get a book for a friend of mine before I leave town. Thank you for the show and all of your wonderful recommendations!

I am hoping you can help me out with what might be a niche request — I would love to read something that includes an interracial, interfaith relationship or family. I gave her Flavia de Luce after loving it and hearing about it through you! She likes more mystery than thriller, although she enjoys it when they intermix.

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Thanks for all you do! Hey Ladies! A big fan of Cardbordeaux! Having a bit of time to think about it, she is right and I need to lighten up my reading. Do you or your listeners have any ideas as to make my reading not so heavy? It had such an effect on me that I immediately re read it.

Please help this fellow book nerd. Thanks, and Stay awesome. Amanda and Jenn discuss New England novels, book club options, immigration narratives, and more in this week's episode of Get Booked.

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  7. Hello, friends! My fourteen year old niece is going to be a senator one day and this July her other aunt and I are taking her on a road trip to eight New England universities including most of the Ivy Leagues. I am a folklorist and Other Aunt is an architectural historian, so together we are definitely into the old, the spooky, the magical, and the historical. We want to show her the coolest, weirdest, most inspired time ever. So far we have gotten The Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell and would like to find more books that are in that vein -- entertaining and engaging and relevant to what we are road tripping through.

    Thank you sooooo much! Looking forward to your recommendations! I am traveling to the US for the first time Brazilian girl, here and I will be going to Atlanta for a work event.

    Penumbras and Nightmares: Five Tiny Tales of Terror

    I don't know much about the city and would like some reading recommendations to get to know a little bit about it. If you can recommend some contemporary fiction - I looove walking through a city and finding places from books - that would be great. Since I have a History degree, I am totally down for history books as well. I am not the biggest fan of historical romances but I am glad to read them if they can help understand the place a little more.

    Thank you in advance. I really love the show and love getting my to-read list as immense as possible. Hello lovely ladies! It would be great if we could get some recommendations before June, but we understand you get a lot of requests so no worries if it's late.