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La journée d'un journaliste américain en (French Edition) - Kindle edition by Jules Literature & Fiction Short Reads; # in French Language Fiction.
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Own Tomorrow. Academic Appointment, Affiliation, and Employment History.

Journée Américaine Saverne 25 08 2019

Research, Teaching, Practice, and Clinical Appointments. Her work has three main focuses: the history of literary institutions and networks in France and in the United States, transatlantic literary exchanges, and French XXth century literature. In , she published a biography of Philippe Soupault Flammarion.

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French literature, literary theory, biography studies, Francophone literature, history of the book, literary history, contemporary American literature poetry, fiction. Advancing Scholarship in the Humanities and Social Sciences research sabbatical. Marguerite Yourcenar: Research in M.

Susan Sontag, An American Intellectual: A biography of the critic, novelist, film-maker, playwright Susan Sontag, an attempt at defining her place in the American and European intellectual landscape of the twentieth century. Next Level Initiative. Mousli, B. Susan Sontag. Westwego, by Philippe Soupault. In this article, modern Crime Fiction is shown to have its origins in translation, and more specifically in translation from a tense national space known, or posing, as American into another tense national space, French this time, in which identity is being reconstructed in terms of alienation and a problematizing of self-knowledge.

As French national allegory was refashioned in response to trauma — as a result of Haussmannization in the mid-nineteenth century and of the Second World War a century later — the United States was always present as both ghostly Other and source of Crime Fiction. When Baudelaire translated Poe, he rethought the Paris that Poe had already placed at the centre of his crime-writing world; when Duhamel translated Cheyney and Chase in the wake of the Liberation of Paris, America was again reimagined as a new allegory for the post-war French condition.

This paper traces the role of Crime Fiction, and its translation, in the formation of new national allegories; but it also simultaneously traces the rewriting of French national allegory in the development of French Crime Fiction.

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In the Anthropocene, concerns over overpopulation are back with a vengeance. Such discussions inevitably slip from the domains of ecology and biology into more ethically and politically fraught terrain, where such concerns inevitably take on more sinister biopolitical connotations. My presentation reads the popular genre of post-catastrophe fiction as an engagement with the challenge of rescaling human population.

If such fictions imagine sustainable post-catastrophe futures at all Emily St. Participating in ongoing debates about scale and environmental change in twenty-first-century literature and culture Clark, McGurl , this paper outlines a mode of ecosystemic reading based on recent theoretical insights as well as a set of relevant literary case studies. What happens if we do not read novels for their plot, character, or theme, but for their representation of fictional ecosystems?


In this pragmatic talk, I will introduce some aspects of the biological complexity related to the notion of scales, and indicate where I feel this complexity offers some room for a creative writing, inspired from the biological world. I will start by recalling the diversity of heterogeneous spatial scales in biology, possibly hinting at the heterogeneous temporal scales of action associated with these various spatial scales.

Then I will explain how biology usually translates spatial scales into levels of biological organization, and how evolutionary biology further translates these levels of biological organization into levels of selection. I will explain how these latter two kinds of levels could inspire literary writing, through the conflicts and descriptions of biological interaction networks, as well as the common ontology in biology these levels suggest.

In her recent works, living and non-living bodies evolve and morph into one another through moments of emergence and disappearance, such as embryogenesis, metamorphosis, fossilization, as well as the formation and dissolution of rock and ice.