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If you are looking to implement and maintain a DevOps culture. How Google Runs Production Systems? This book is answering this question in a well structured manner. This book is one of the best sellers in Amazon and probably the best one in this list.

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The DevOps 2. If you want to get your technical fundamentals of DevOps with concrete examples and explained use cases. For software architects, this book is a very good reference to understand and master DevOps environments. It was written by 3 software architects and it covers a lot of interesting subjects like DevOps requirements, virtualization and cloud computing, operations, adapting systems to work well with DevOps practices, agile methods and TDD.

You will find this book helpful If you are interesting about handling failure detection, upgrade planning, integrating security controls, roles, and audits into DevOps, preparing a business plan for DevOps adoption, rollout, and measurement and adapting softwares to your DevOps pipeline and workflows. Ubuntu is the cloud operating system. Ubuntu Unleashed is an excellent coverage of Ubuntu not just a specific version but both This book is easy enough to understand. You will have access to extra web material and a DVD. One of the greatest things about Linux is that you never finish learning it.

If you want to learn Ubuntu, reinforce and improve your knowledge about this OS.

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This book cover multiple important subjects that every DevOps engineer should know from architecture, coding, testing, deploying, monitoring and tracking issues. This book covers what every successful DevOps engineer should know. If you need a practical perspective and a helpful guide to DevOps and a good overview of some of the core concepts and ideas put forward by the DevOps movement.

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AWS Lambda is one of the best and stable serverless architectures. This book makes a perfect reference guide for it. The book is easy to read book for somebody new to the subject. If you are have a beginner or an intermediate level and looking to learn AWS Lambda with practical applications. This book is a guide to release software faster while reducing risk and increasing quality.

It enumerates the best practices and fast, simple techniques for release and production deployment management. It also includes many other practices like production monitoring and tracing, dependency management, and the effective use of virtualization. The books will teach you the foundation of continuous delivery, the techniques to create a good deployment pipeline and a vision about the delivery ecosystem.

A Hands-on Guide, 1st Edition

If you are looking for a step-by-step guide to sooner manage new software releases faster with less risk and more value. This book cover the architectural, operational, and organizational standardization to develop and deploy production-ready microservices.

It explores production-readiness standards, including: Stability and Reliability, Scalability and Performance, Fault Tolerance and Catastrophe Preparedness, Monitoring, Documentation and Understanding. When implemented correctly, release management can help ensure that quality is integrated throughout the development, implementation, and delivery of services, applications, and infrastructure.

This holistic, total cost of ownership approach allows for higher levels of system availability, is more cost effective to maintain, and increases overall stability, maintainability, and reliability. Filled with practical insights, IT Release Management: A Hands-on Guide clearly illustrates the effective implementation of a release process in the real world. It examines the similarities and differences of release management and project management to clear up any confusion there might be about the two complementary processes.

Shedding light on the day-to-day challenges that need to be overcome to ensure success, it details the how-to's of effective implementation-including what to implement, how to do it, and when to do it. This complete resource includes a detailed model for executing a release management process, as well as numerous templates, diagrams, and role and responsibility charts to help kick start implementation efforts in your organization.

Addressing the all-important cultural aspects, it explains how to sell the benefits of release management to all levels of your organization, how to overcome objections, and how to determine organizational readiness. Our editorial team will review it and if relevant, we will add it to one of the pages on the Release Management Wiki. Subscribe to be notified of new updates Enter your email address to subscribe to this wiki and receive notifications of new content being added.

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Software Deployment. Release Management Tools. Software Release Communication and Training. A t tachments 3 Page History. Table of Contents:. Release management is a software engineering process intended to oversee the development, testing, deployment and support of software releases. Release management is the part of the software management process dealing with development, testing, deployment and support of software releases to the end user.

Release management is the process of managing software releases from development stage to software release. Deploy is not the same as release. Discussion: What is the difference between "deployment" and "release"? Release Management Definition - OnPage. Release management - a catalyst for DevOps I would call Release Management a catalyst in true sense, which enables change without itself undergoing such change, a neutral team dedicated in managing the change by brokering a formal hand-off between DEV and OPS.

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Test, Deploy, Release Repeat - Building an Effective Release Management Strategy Not all companies can trigger a deployment whenever they're ready relying on the version control safety net, of course , and not all should, but most aspire to. Release management in an agile DevOps environment - the flattening of the software release process What does it mean to 'flatten' your software release process? Get Started with Release Management.