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Nov 19, Genies is emerging as the top competitor to Snapchat’s wildly popular Bitmoji as Facebook, Apple and Google have been slow to get serious about personalized avatars. To power these new strategies and usher in what CEO Akash Nigam calls “the next wave of communication through.
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    Jinns and Genie in the Bottle (Part 1)

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    • Genies brings lifelike avatars to other apps with $10M from celebrities.
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    • Order articles. Fetching bibliography My Bibliography Add to Bibliography. Watching Snapchat-owned Bitmoji stay glued atop the app download charts inspired them to see more opportunity in the avatar space.

      Genies has had some talent issues, though. Nigam says it fired co-founder and president Matt Geiger, and a source tells me there were company culture issues that led to issues with the content writers it hired to create scenes for Genies to act out. Genies in-app chat.